Day Seven - Thursday, February 2

703 Alegria (Poll Hereford)
704 Alpine (Angus)
708 Bellspur (Angus)
710 Brewer Beef (Black Simmental)
712 Black Aqua (ANGUS)
715 Castle (Brangus)
720 Chateau (Limousin)
723 Clarinda (Charolais)
725 Connamara (Angus)
729 Glenpoll (Poll Hereford)
730 Goorambat (Wagyu)
733 Jade Park (Angus)
734 Jarobee (Angus)
740 Landfall (Angus)
742 Limstow (Limousin)
745 Mistletoe (Limousin)
747 Morham (Maine Anjou)
750 Pinnacle/Umami (Angus/Wagyu)
753 Prime (Angus)
754 Ravensdwood (British White)
760 Rangan (Charolais)
770 Rosstulla (Poll Hereford)
780 Tarcombe (Hereford/Poll Hereford)
788 Witherswood (Angus)

703 Alegria Poll Hereford

John Mills 02 60720536 / 0427 399 912

Location: 2583 Omeo Hwy Tallandoon, 12k north of Eskdale 30k south Tallangatta on Omeo Hwy, 1.5k toward Tallangatta from Lockharts Gap Rd - Omeo Hwy intersection.

Information: Alegria comprises 70 females purchased at dispersal sales since 2004 and the resulting progeny from AI and ET using leading genetics. We aim to breed sound easy doing cattle with moderate birth weights, muscle and growth to meet commercial requirements. On display will be bulls for sale, junior bulls and representative females, including progeny of Allendale Waterhouse, Allendale Anzac, Kairuru Aberdeen, Otapawa Skymate and Days Cavalry. We welcome your inspection

704 Alpine Angus

Jim Delany (03) 9225 8211 / 0408 535 658

Location: Alpine Angus Sale Complex, 1138 Happy Valley Road, Rosewhite, Victoria, 3737

Information: We will have a selection of bulls at our upcoming bull sale on 7 March 2017 available for inspection. There will be 100 ready to work 2 year old and 18 month old bulls offered for sale. The bulls are selected for structure, temperament and performance, with a strong emphasis on calving ease, birth to growth and carcase weight. Some of the sire lines include AAR Ten X and his son, Deer Valley All In, Texas Hold’em (DXTH 126), Milwillah Gatsby (NJWG 279), Largo Full House (HSHF 12), VAR Reserve and Lawsons Novak. Our AI herd sires include Sterita Park Black Jack (SPLJ 231) and Beaumont Jackpot (SRKJ 310).

708 Bellspur Angus

Brenton Sessions 0439 876 340

Location: 482 Wilbrahams Rd, Balmattum. From Hume Fwy head west on Wilbrahams Rd for 4.82k

Information: This is our first opening for Beef Week and we look forward to opening our gates and showing everyone where we’re at and where we’re heading. The herd consists of 80 HBR and APR female with foundation cows sourced from Campbell Farms, Anvil and Old Kentucky representing some of the most noted cow families in the breed. On display we will have sons and daughters of Paringa Judd J5, Rennylea Ambassador F857, SAV Brilliance, PA fortitude and our own J36. Also on display will be Prime Katapault K1, so come inspect this elite calving ease sire for yourself.

710 Brewer Beef Black Simmental

David & Tara Brewer 02 60725489 / 0419275686 0419600527

Location: 410 Soldier Settlers Rd, Tallangatta Valley Vic. From Tallangatta head towards Carryong for 13k turn right into Tallangatta Creek Rd, in 3,3k right into Soldiers Settlers Rd. ‘Lynn Ridge’ is 1.1k, first driveway on right.

Information: Brewer Beef Black Simmentals offering 40 bulls in our 2017 Autumn bull sale on February 17th. Our genetics have had a stellar year with clients’ cattle topping several weaner sales and our own steers awarded the best presented pen at the Blue Ribbon weaner sale, averaging 400kg at 8-10mths. Come and inspect our herd, prospective sires, upcoming sale bulls and have a cuppa with us.

712 Black Aqua ANGUS

Josh Trimble and Georgia Nankervis 0401 291033 / 0413 910023

Location: 604 Greta Road, Laceby VIC 3678. Take first Greta Road exit off the highway at Wangaratta. First property on the Greta side of the highway.

Information: Black Aqua invites you to come and view our sale bulls by Docklands, Hierachy and our own stud sires. Also on display will be a selection of our finalist heifer challenge heifers from 2016 beef week with calves at foot, donor cows and stud sires being used. Call in to follow the progress of our herd.

715 Castle Brangus

Michael Bush 0427 319 780

Location: 254 Wood Rd, Euroa, Victoria

Information: Castle bred brangus are predictable, performance recorded, good natured cattle with the growth, bone and muscling required for a broad range of markets. Our replacement females are expected to be fertile, functional, productive breeders with longevity. While phenotype plays an important role in the selection of bulls and females for our breeding program, we use Brangus Group Breedplan to measure the relative performance of our cattle against the Brangus breed as a whole. Combining the objective measurement of growth, carcass and fertility traits with embryo transfer has enhanced the development of the Castle herd.

720 Chateau Limousin

Bev McIntyre 03 5721 8280

Location: 472 Great Alpine Rd, East Wangaratta, cnr Hume Hwy and Great Alpine Rd, first property on right.

Information: Chateau Limousins commenced in 1983 with the purchase of 12 females at the Streamville dispersal. Extensive ET and AI has built the stud to where it is today. We have always focused on docility, structure, and maintaining Limousin carcase characteristics. Over the years our genetics have reached as far as China, Indonesia, six Australian states and more recently a heifer was exported to New Zealand. On display will be a selection of donor cows, heifers and a draft of apricot and black bulls for our forthcoming 20 March 2017 sale. Limousin Assurance and Breedplan.

723 Clarinda Charolais

Ken Manton 0437 585 605

Location: 414 School Road, Hansonville, From Wangaratta on Wangaratta-Kilfeera Rd, left onto School Rd, cross Banksdale Rd, after 400m turn right. Follow signs.

Information: Clarinda Charolais has been operating for only nine years. We purchased from most Australian states from individuals to some lines. We buy on frame, overall structure and temperament trying to breed cows and bulls that fit to-day’s markets. Cattle that calve easily, polled, gain weight quickly, have good body stature, good feet and legs and docile to handle. We calve 60 to 70 cows a year split autumn/spring. We do a sync AI program over most cows with a variety of bulls rather than run the bull. Our main herd sires have been two Rangan Park bulls, Rio Bravo D15E (done a great job) and Doc Silver H54E (progeny developing into very sound heifers and young bulls).

725 Connamara Angus

Michael Hill 03 5790 4244

Location: 230 Donovan Rd, 8k south of Ruffy. From Hume Fwy take Ruffy turnoff to Old Longwood. Follow signs to Ruffy, turn right into Nolans Rd, follow signs. From Maroondah Wwy turn west at Yarck Hotel. 35k SE of Euroa, 20k SW of Yarck.

Information: The Hills in Ruffy have been breeding Angus since the 1930s. AI started in the 1970s. 400 females are joined, 160 Breedplan recorded, 150 AI’d. 75 bulls, mostly yearlings, sold in 2016, 90% to well satisfied repeat buyers. Bulls on display by Poss Element, PA Fortitude, Te Mania Emperor, Silveiras Conversion, Sydgen Black Pearl. The Black Pearl calves are exceptional. Four top Rennylea AI sires have been used over the past seven years. Younger cows, heifers and sires on display. Our heifers have been finalists in the RASV Heifer Challenge three times, winning in 2015.

729 Glenpoll Poll Hereford

Ferruccio Tonini 03 5766 2417 / 0427 662 417

Location: 321 Glenrowan-Moyhu Rd, 6k NE of Glenrowan PO, 3.5 km from Hume Fwy / Glenrowan ‘on-off ramp’ (northern end of Glenrowan).

Information: Glenpoll breeds cattle that satisfy the discerning cattle breeder. Females are selected on milking ability, fertility, temperament, structural soundness and ability to produce highly productive progeny. Glenpoll believes it is achieving this and welcomes you to our Beef Week open day. Males and females for sale. Highly Commended in the inaugural Heifer Challange. Glenpoll learns from the past, works in the present, and builds for the future.

730 Goorambat Wagyu

Kyra Rheese 03 57641224 / 0447 159 928 (preferred)

Location: 256 Peck Rd, Goorambat, Vic. From Sydney or Melbourne take Hume Fwy M31 to Benalla. Come into town and once in main street (Bridge St) turn to Shepparton (Midland Hwy A300). Travel 11k then turn right off the Midland Hwy onto the road to Tocumwal C317. Travel 2k then right into Peck Rd (unsealed). Travel 2k crossing Goorambat-Chesney Rd. Property is first gateway on right. From Shepparton take Midland Hwy A300 towards Benalla. Travel 50k then turn left off the Midland Hwy onto road to Tocumwal C317. Travel 2k then turn right into Peck Rd (unsealed). Travel 2k crossing Goorambat-Chesney Rd. Property is first gateway on right.

Information: Goorambat Wagyu is an award winning herd which offers premium Full Blood Black Wagyu genetics. We have cow families representing different strains of the Wagyu breed with lineage traced to Japanese ancestors. Our animals are registered and are parentage verified with the Australian Wagyu Association. We are active members of Breedplan and participate in the Wagyu carcase research project Our genetics have been exported all over the world to form the base of many international Wagyu herds. Gold Medal Winner 2014 Grassfed Australian Wagyu Association Carcase Competition Silver Medal Winner 2012 Grassfed Australian Wagyu Association Carcase Competition.

733 Jade Park Angus

Andrew Mclean 03 57276088 / 0427 608 810

Location: 1617 Wangaratta / Killferra Rd, Hansonville Vic

Information: Est 1994, we breed fertile, quiet, functional and productive cattle that fit into a range of breeding programs. Bulls are selected from a 100 cow herd including recipients. Genetic backgrounds come from Aedrossan, Comfort Hill, Millah Murrah and NZ Stern. Bulls on display will include 469 ET bulls from Millah Murrah, recently purchased sale bull Millah Murrah NMMK39, Matauri Reality, Stockman, Papa Equator sons, Gabba, Generator G220, 24J, Fletcher F1, Connealy Revenue. Also on display a selection of breeding cows and calves (calves from NZ-Freedom NAQA241, NENG220, Stockman, Theo, Compliment).

734 Jarobee Angus

Jan Robinson 02 60324124 / 0429 324 124
E: jarobee@bigpond.con  

Location: 79 Robinsons Road. 4.5 km west of Beechworth on Wangaratta Rd turn left into Robinsons Road. Jarrow is at the end of the road.

Information: At Jarobee we continue our extensive breeding program. Sires are carefully sourced coupled with our strictly scrutinised breeding herd. We aim to offer animals that provide premium returns in a range of markets. We invite you to inspect a selection of Jarobee’s breeding herd, some of the bulls included in our March bull sale, heifers entered in the RASV Heifer Challenge and Granite Ridge Kaiser purchased from Granite Ridge SA early 2016. Kaiser has continued to exhibit outstanding growth and thickness and we are looking forward to his first calves early in 2017. Come and discuss your breeding programs with the Jarobee team.

740 Landfall Angus

Frank Archer 0417 506 163

Location: 'Kensall Green', Riverina Highway, Howlong, NSW

Information: Established in 1948, Landfall Angus is a family owned and operated business. Our cow herd consists of over 1200 registered females characteristically being highly fertile, functional and high performing. Careful genetic selection and improved production management techniques ensure that Landfall is a leading seedstock herd and that our genetics perform well in the natural environments of Australia. We supply our clients with high quality Angus genetics that are fertile, structurally sound, easy doing and low maintenance without compromising the importance of growth and carcase performance. Auctions are held on property each autumn and spring, with up to 400 bulls being marketed annually. This Tasmanian based operation will display cattle at Howlong on the NSW/Victorian on two Beef Week days 7 and 8.

742 Limstow Limousin

Scott Stow 03 5763 2471 / 0437 796 833

Location: 31 Davies Rd, Warrenbayne, 25k SW of Benalla. Follow signs. From Baddaginnie turn off Hume Fwy to Warrenbayne Hall, continue 2k past on left . Follow Dobsons Rd from Mansfield Rd.

Information: Our herd was established in 2005 on bloodlines from The Pines, Donna Valley and Willow Park. In 2014, 25 head from Graffoe stud SA were purchased. We started with French pure and progressively introduced polled genetics while maintaining the heavy muscling, thickness and structurally sound traits. With an emphasis on having quiet cattle, docility standards are at the top of our selection for sale and breeding stock. We aim to produce bulls for clients to produce heavy calves at an early age. AI used regularly with an assortment of French, polled and black genetics. Our herd includes apricots, reds and blacks. We participate in the Limousin Assurance Program and Breedplan. We look forward to seeing you on the day to inspect our herd including prospective sale bulls.

745 Mistletoe Limousin

Denis O'Connor 03 5766 6365 / 0428 279 431

Location: 120 Dinnings Lane Greta South.From Wangaratta, turn into Greta Rd at Apco Servo/K-Mart corner. Travel south over freeway for 30k. From Hume freeway turn off at Greta Rd exit. Last south bound entry to Wangaratta. Travel out past airport, over Snow Rd for 21k. (Same rd as from traffic lights) From Benalla take Kilfeera Rd past airport, over freeway and east for 29 km.

Information: Mistletoe Limousin was established in 1993 - 24 years ago.Throughout this time the emphasis has been on producing docile, easy calvers with good growth EBVs obtained on pasture. The use of French pure polled sires has introduced the poll gene whilst keeping the desirable Limousin attributes of calving, docility, growth and muscle. All animals are Limousin Assured and Breedplan recorded. We are sure that you will be impressed when you visit Mistletoe at Greta. As usual these will be bulls for sale and a selection of females and weaners for viewing, many available for purchase.

747 Morham Maine Anjou

Karen Morham 03 5766 6192 / 0408 584 149

Location: 528 Bostock Road, Lurg, Vic East of Benalla. Note new location.

Information: Our aim is for quality poll and horned Maine Anjou cattle, smooth muscled bulls for excellent cross breeding for the vealer market as well as traditional Maine Anjou cattle, pure and full bloods.

750 Pinnacle/Umami Angus/Wagyu

Jake Howman 0411 890925

Location: 765 Happy Valley Road, Rosewhite, 8k form the Happy Valley pub on the Mt Beauty Road.

Information: Pinnacle Angus comprises 250+ registered HBR breeders and replacements. Come and see our Umami Wagyu and find out more about this breed. All sales by private treaty.

753 Prime Angus

Annick Butterfield 03 5763 2341 / 0428 306 729

Location: 1174 Benalla Warrenbayne Rd, Warrenbayne. 23k SE of Benalla. From Hume Fwy take northernmost Warrenbayne exit 11.74k to property on right. From Midland Hwy take Dobson Rd turn-off, right into Warrenbayne Rd, 1st gateway on left.

Information: Established in 2000, Prime Angus at Warrenbayne runs 120 HBR cows in a closed herd since 2003. The focus is growth with calving ease, and yield without sacrificing marbling. We offer a selection of yearling bulls in our on-property Helmsman Auction planned this year for March 17. Two of our past sale bulls, Juggernaut J15, and Katapault K1, are beginning to establish themselves as AI sires. We will have on display a selection of their progeny (sale bulls and females) in addition to those sired by prominent Australian and US sires. We warmly welcome visitors and also encourage you to attend Bellaspur Angus (also on Day 7) where K1 will be on display.

754 Ravensdwood British White

Debbie Holmes 03 5768 2402 / 0400 370 009

Location: 1319 Mansfied Rd, Benalla

Information: British White Cattle are a rare and ancient breed. Originally dual purpose cattle, they are now exclusively a beef breed. Their milking ability, placid temperament, hardy constitution and being naturally polled make them an ideal maternal or sire breed. They rear good vealers that can also grow out to be high performing steers on grass alone or in the feedlots. Their distinctive white coats reflect the heat while the black points around their ears, eyes, noses and feet protect them from sunburn. Their colour makes them ideally suited to Australian conditions. British Whites are one of the world’s most beautiful cattle. Inspect them at ‘Ravenswood’ and judge this for yourself.

760 Rangan Charolais

Graeme Cook 0419 429696

Location: Location: 41 Miller Lane, Charleroi, Vic. 30k SE of Wodonga, 10k east of Kiewa. From Wodonga take Kiewa Valley Hwy left through Kiewa and Tangambalanga. 10k from Kiewa go past football oval on right, 1k further Miller Lane to right.

Information: Rangan Charolais will be holdings its 8th on-property sale in March 2016. A draft of 50 young bulls sired by top International and Australian sires including Ashwood F56, Pinay F21 and LT Ledger as well as some very good sons of homozygous polled Canadian sire Merit Roundup. We strive to produce polled, soft, early maturing Charolais that suit our southern markets. Sale bulls as well as a selection of heifers will be on display for Beef Week.

770 Rosstulla Poll Hereford

Rex Forrest 03 5728 1146 / 0407 281146

Location: 64 Davidson Lane, off Forrest Lane, 3K west of Beechworth on Wangaratta Road

Information: “Cold Country Cattle with Milk and Muscle”. The Forrest family founded Rosstulla in 1963 and continues with Rex, Trish and Narelle. Cattle and Sheep are run together in high country (550m above sea level) under commercial conditions on light granite hills. We pride ourselves on their milking and doing ability. We will have calves by our new stud sire, Wrattenbullie Jolly,33D on display alongside a selection of bloodlines, as well as bulls for private sale. Semen is still available by Otapawa Spark 3060, Kairuru Flint 080058, Okahu Boomer R75, Otapawa Dr Jekyl 25, Rosstulla Ambassador A18 & Nooken Zinder.

780 Tarcombe Hereford/Poll Hereford

Tim Hayes 03 57904226 / 0439 257693

Location: 1157 Ponkeen creek road Tarcombe, 35km S of Euroa. Vicroads 46 H9, Take Longwood-Ruffy road off Hume FWY 14km SW of Euroa and follow signs. From Maroondah Hwy follow signs from Yarck, or follow signs from Highlands Rd, Seymour.

Information: Founded in 1967, Tarcombe comprises of 250 registered cows, Our cattle are run with sheep on granite country of creek flats to rocky hills. Tarcombe breeds cattle for a variety of markets with careful trait selection for calving ease, moderate BW, milk, muscle, IMF, while maintaining good weight gains. Tarcombe also sees the importance in sound structure, good temperament and fertility. On display will be a broad selection of our herd base, as well as young bulls by Wirruna Fort F382, Wirruna Geelong, Pine Hill Douglas and Yavenvale Guru all offered at our 43rd Annual Sale on Wednesday March 1, 2016.

788 Witherswood Angus

John Woodruff 0412 003 509

Location: 1185 Glenrowan Boweya Road, Taminick via Glenrowan