Day Five - Tuesday, January 31

508 Banemore (Poll Hereford)
509 Bassano (Angus)
522 Boonaroo (Angus)
528 Eloora (Shorthorn)
531 Glenfern (Poll Hereford)
533 Glentanner (Angus)
535 Grangeburn (Simmental)
539 Ivanhoe (Twinners)
540 Kurra-Wirra (Red Angus/Angus/Senegus)
544 Lindsay (Murray Grey )
545 Melville Park (Hereford/Poll Herford)
546 Milroy (Hereford / Poll Hereford)
548 Moora (Poll Hereford)
550 Morgiana House (Charolais)
559 Murdeduke @ Hamilton (Angus)
560 Pathfinder (Angus)
574 Stoney Point (Angus)
575 Taronga (Poll Hereford)
582 Weeran (Angus)
590 Wilkah (Hereford/Poll Hereford)



Location: 12 STUDS with 9 breeds at Mt Gambier showgrounds, Pick Ave, Mt Gambier, SA
Tuesday January 31, 2017


  • Hereford - Bra-Ma Bray Milstead 0438 382 282
    We will have top quality sons of Kaludah Bradman, Intermediate Champion at Wodonga and Kaludah Viking for sale. Contact Bray for further information.
  • Salers - Cara Park Roslyn Curtis
    Cara Park breeds quality animals with excellent temperament, ease of calving and profit in mind for commercial and stud producers. On display progeny of Red Rock, Tinambra and Cara Park sires.
  • Maine Anjou/Poll Hereford - Chalon Margaret Williams/Graham Sims 08 8726 8206 ph/fax
    Inspect our cattle designed for stud and commercial use. Today’s genetics, tomorrow’s results. We produce feed efficient, moderate birth weight, gentle disposition, soft, tender muscled cattle. Make the change today to a Chalon bred animal.
  • Charolais/Limousin - Conquest Robert Aldridge 0438 656 528
    With today’s modern cattle continually under pressure to dress and yield well, Conquest Limousins/Charolais will help you reach your breeding targets and lift you into the profit zone.
  • Angus - Lynton Park Lynda Jones 0417 655 616
    Est 2004 located at Glencoe near Mt Gambier. Bloodlines include Kite, Vicki, Moongara, Quill and Wilcoola. Bulls and heifers for sale, Very quiet temperament. Inspection welcome any time.
  • Limousin - Mount Gambier Jason Malseed 0419 032 795
    Predominantly large framed, well muscled, easy doing with temperament the number 1 trait. These cattle, all led, have the wow factor. Lots of interest due to quality and temperament.
  • Beef Shorthorn - Noorla Neil Shepherd 08 8738 9210
    Red, white and roan cattle. 50 years of breeding Beef Shorthorns. Located at Kongorong 30k south of Mt Gambier. Beef Shorthorns receive the premium from the Thousand Guinea meat brand.
  • Simmental - Rellum Farms Grantley Muller 0428 572 354
    Rellum Farms will have on display all sale bulls, predominantly polled Simmental herd improving bulls. Outstanding carcase attributes with highest pointed Simmental carcase at Adelaide Royal.
  • Simmental - Six Creeks Brad Creek 0422 265 319
    We aim to breed moderate, functional bulls that breed above average muscling and softness. Enquiries always welcome.
  • Maine Anjou - Wahroonga West Natasha Millard 0439 850 598
    Quiet, docile, feed efficient cattle for both commercial and stud farmers. Bulls and females available. Inspections welcome.

508 Banemore Poll Hereford

David Jenkin 03 55725754 / 0407 504 899

Location: 992 Twomey's Bridge Rd, Penshurst, 3289

509 Bassano Angus

Ron Stewart 03 5529 5405

Location: 2k north of Narrawong Primary School on Allits Road

Information: Big beefy bulls that won’t blow the budget will be priced and available from 9 am on our Beef Week day. Featured lots include sons of Irelands Fletcher, Conneally Earnen, Conneally Revenue, Black Pearl and Granite Ridge Regent. Also on display heifers entered in the RASV Heifer Challenge. Our focus continues to be on breeding sound, fertile cattle with excellent temperament for herds in southern Australia. All bulls vet checked and structurally sound. Breakfast available prior to selling opening,

522 Boonaroo Angus

Jodie Foster 03 55811965 / 0408 587780

Location: Display at 'Clifton', Hamilton, Vic. From edge of Hamilton travel 500m on Coleraine Rd, left down Fairburns Road, travel 2.5 km then right down Clifton Rd , 4km to 'Clifton'.

Information: Boonaroo will offer a line of 85 Angus bulls, featuring soft, well muscled bulls with outstanding structure and docile temperament. We have focussed heavily on fat cover and muscling in our breeding programme, combining these two traits to produce cattle which can run at higher stocking rates without losing their ability to finish and be fertile. All bulls are structurally assessed, fertility tested and guaranteed for 3 years on a pro rata basis. At Boonaroo all bulls are vaccinated in the Zoetis Star programme and are free of all known reproductive diseases. New Zealand genetics feature strongly in the catalogue, providing a robust, sound and deep bodied line of bulls. Please join us for our field days at “Clifton,” Hamilton (Tue Jan 31) at Boonaroo, Casterton (Tue Feb 7) and our Sale on Friday Feb 17th, 2017 at Boonaroo.

528 Eloora Shorthorn

Ray & Dion Brook 0488741261 Ray / 0400553876 Dion

Location: 235 Diprose Road, Bulart. (CFA Map 431 B27). 25k north of Hamilton. Take the Henty Hwy (A200) north from Hamilton for 17.5k, turn left onto Red Road, travel 4.5k, then 1st right onto Diprose Road. From Cavendish, take Coleraine Rd 4.5k, turn left onto Diprose Rd.

Information: On display will be sale bulls, sale females (joined and unjoined), sires, 2016 drop calves and the entire breeding herd. The sale bulls (on sale at field day) are offered with full EBV's and include sons of the highly credentialed trait leaders Eloora Baker G31, Royalla Masterpiece and Eloora Daytona J09. 2016 resulted in the highest scoring Shorthorn steer & member of winning Borthwick Trophy team at Melbourne Royal, the highest average at Naracoorte sale (2nd year in a row), Reserve Champion RASV Heifer Challenge (only stud to be 3 times finalist, Champion in 2012) and ongoing demand for genetics producing yield, meat quality and calving ease. Full details of sale bulls & colour photos at

531 Glenfern Poll Hereford

James Humphries 03 5579 4505 / 0408 553 805

Location: 1132 Merino Tahara Road, Tahara. 16k east of Merino, 32k west of Hamilton. From Hamilton take the Hamilton-Digby Road, turn right on Condah Coleraine Road. At Tahara turn left then first left.

Information: With over 40 years of selective breeding, Glenfern Poll Herefords are renowned for quiet temperament and top bloodlines. Bulls for sale on the day.

533 Glentanner Angus

Brad and Allan Lucas 0407 799 565 Allan / 0438 389 223 Brad

Location: 2029 Glenelg Hwy Wannon. 20kms West of Hamilton 15kms East of Coleraine on the Hamilton / Coleraine Road

Information: Glentanner will be holding its second on property sale on Thursday 9th February at 590 Concannon Rd Kongorong SA at 11 o'clock SA time. On offer will be autumn and spring bulls. Sires include Primestar, Expedition, Hawkeye, Haymaker and Raff Hingaia . All bulls are genomic tested, parent verified and are Zoetis Star program quality assurance. We look forward to seeing you on the day.

535 Grangeburn Simmental

Brodhi Carracher (08)87247100 / 0418 723 996

Location: 2029 Glenelg Highway Wannon (20km West of Hamilton or 15km East of Coleraine)

Information: Established in 2013, the 60 cow stud is based on Wormbete and Woonallee female lines with an emphasis placed on moderate, easy doing, polled Simmental cattle. Development of the stud has been via the purchase of elite females coupled with AI programs, resulting in impressive calves that will be on display for your judgement. Bulls and registered females with BreedPlan figures will be available for sale at the field day.

539 Ivanhoe Twinners

Leo Cummins 03 55741223 / 0408 328 195

Location: 559 Bulart Bridge Road, Cavendish. From Hamilton take the Henty Highway19 km north towards Cavendish and turn left onto Bulart Bridge Road, OR from Cavendish take the Henty Highway 7km south and turn right into Bulart Bridge Road.

Information: We started importing the US Meat Animal Research Center 'Twinners' in 2004 and since then have confirmed their productivity, profitability and twinning ability under commercial conditions at Cavendish. They are a composite herd which has been intensively selected for twinning for 30 years, resulting in the ability to achieve a 50% twinning rate. The main breeds involved were Simmental, Pinzgauer, Holstein, Swedish Friesian and Norwegian Red. They are relatively large framed, high milking and muscular with desirable beef carcass characteristics and we are working to make them polled and more uniform in coat colour. The steers have sold quite well in local weaner sales and the cows have had satisfactory pregnancy rates.

540 Kurra-Wirra Red Angus/Angus/Senegus

Anthony and Robert Close 03 55704238 / 0437 085 217

Location: 770 Mooree-Culla Road, Culla, VIC, 3315

Information: Principles Robert & Bernadette Close manage Kurra-Wirra along with son Anthony who has moved home to the farm after finishing his Ag science uni degree. In 2005-2006 during the drought we were fortunate in securing world class females of pure Red Angus and Senepol composite genetics. We currently breed about 200+ bulls annually selling bulls all over Australia all the way up to the Normington in the gulf. Red Angus cattle excel for temperament, maternal qualities, marbling and carcase characteristics. In my opinion these are the best cattle I have had anything to do with. They are red slick coated polled cattle of Bas Taurus origins. This gives them great potential for hybrid vigor when used in cross breeding operations.

544 Lindsay Murray Grey

Craig Grant 03 5570 4227 / 0427 704 227

Location: 3265 Coleraine Edenhope Rd, Coleraine. CFA map 387 A34. From Coleraine go 33k north on Edenhope-Harrow Rd. From Harrow go 19k south on Coleraine Rd.

Information: Welcome to Lindsay Murray Greys where we aim to provide Beef Week visitors an opportunity to inspect a balanced herd of high quality Murray Greys, an all-purpose sustainable breed with outstanding carcase traits and superior temperament, maternal characteristics and calving ease. On display 35 autumn and spring drop bulls, 10 stud heifers and 25 PTIC commercial heifers reserved for our annual sale on February 28 on farm at Pigeon Ponds. All bulls and stud heifers have full Breedplan growth, fertility and carcase data. The sale bulls will also be structurally assessed, vet checked, semen tested, guaranteed and delivered. MN3 accredited. A cross section of the herd including females and sires also penned for viewing. If you require quality beef cattle backed by performance come and see what this great breed has to offer.

545 Melville Park Hereford/Poll Herford

David Lyons 03 5574 3236

Location: Bells Lane, Vasey, 25k NW of Cavendish, 35k NE of Coleraine south of Bells Lane.

Information: Commercial herd est 1960 mated to top bulls from various studs. Stud herd est 1988-1989 with Weeran, Midgeon, Widgiewa and Koolami females, later from Courallie, Smithston and Racovolis dispersals. These have been joined to top sires from various studs, plus semen and AI. Poll stud formed using our stud horned cows plus females from Studbrook, O’Sullivans and Debarry dispersals plus females from Bowen. Top stud sires used. Stud and commercial cattle run as one herd. Breedplan recorded with emphasis on milk, growth and muscle. Sale bulls scanned for EMA, fat depth and IMF, plus vet checked. Annual bull sale Mon 27 Feb 2017(40 bulls). See our entry in the RASV Beef Week Heifer Challenge. At Dubbo 2013, Days Calibre G74 purchased in p’ship with Bowen for record $90,000. PI tested negative. 3236

546 Milroy Hereford / Poll Hereford

Barry Kinghorn 03 5578 7214 / 0418 543 792

Location: 172 Chamberlains Rd, Byaduk. From Hamilton take Port Fairy Rd to Rifle Butts Rd, Hamilton side of Byaduk. Continue to end of bitumen 3k, left into Chamberlain Rd, 1st cattle pit on left.

Information: Milroy Herefords was established in 1993 and in 2011 started Poll Herefords based on Allendale and Ebbex. Mawarra Vice Admiral was introduced through ET and Remittal Alliance and Samsonite to our Polls. In 2014 we purchased two cows and two heifers at South Boorook dispersal and in 2014 two heifers, a bull and semen package from Mt Difficult. The stud cattle are run with commercials and fine wool Merinos. All cattle dehorned, MN2 and EU. The bulls display good growth, temperament, structure and fertility. This year we have 20 rising two year old bulls for sale. Come and see them, our RASV Heifer Challenge entry and other cattle. Visitors always welcome.

548 Moora Poll Hereford

Linton Price 03 5576 1115 / 0429 406 980

Location: 174 Dunmore Lane, Broadwater, 10k south of Macarthur turn left into Dunmore Lane then 1.74k to house on right.

Information: The Price family established Moora Poll Hereford stud in 1957. Barry and Marg along with their son Linton and wife Jo currently run 80+ cows in the stud, breeding cattle packed with great Breedplan figures, doing ability and quiet temperament. This year we have bulls for sale by Allendale Anzac H175 (used AI) and Moora Houdini (by Bowen Tornado). We will have females on display and look forward to seeing you on the day or look us up on

550 Morgiana House Charolais

Allan Crozier 03 5573 4561

Location: 483 Morgiana Road 25k west of Hamilton. From Hamilton Portland Rd, take Chrome Rod east of Branxholme 17k towards Wannon to ‘Morgiana’. From Hamilton Coleraine Rd take the Morgiana Rd at Wannon 5k to ‘Morgiana’.

Information: This year we will have on display our sale bulls by Merit Roundup, Gridmaker, Business and others selected to produce commercial bulls that deliver growth, muscle and easy calving. Our 9th annual sale will take place in early February. We look forward to your visit on Tuesday January 31 2017.

559 Murdeduke @ Hamilton Angus

Simon Falkiner 03 5266 1311 / 0407 319 967

Location: Forts Rd, Hamilton. From Hamilton take Glenelg Hwy towards Dunkeld. 3.5k out left onto Tarrington-Strathkellar Rd, head north to Strathkellar (4k) continue north for 3k (Skene Woolshed Rd) then left into Forts Rd. North Skene 2k on right.

Information: Founded in 1993 with eight Te Mania females, Murdeduke Angus is now registering 550 calves annually. Domestically our genetics are performing well both in traditional southern regions and the north’s pastoral country between Rockhampton and the Barkly Tablelands. 25 years of breeding for type, doing ability, fertility and calving ease will be reflected in this year’s field day display. The display showcases a large draft of sale bulls and a selection of cows. Sires featured in the next few years include Bruin Uproar, Gatsby, Docklands, Jindra Double Vision, Lawson Novak, and Te Mania bulls Emperor and Quantum. Calving ease bulls used include Matauri Reality, Millah Murrah Klooney and Loch Up, EF Complement and our new stud sire Milwillah Krakatoa K92. We have also introduced three bulls form Coonable Hector, Bairstow and Jester who all bring great phenotype, structure and performance. We are participating on both Day 4 (Winchelsea) and Day 5 (Hamilton) of Beef Week.

560 Pathfinder Angus

Nick and Sara Moyle 0419 557 688 / 0417 802 218

Location: 2126 Macarthur Penshurst Rd, Gazette. 26k SE of Hamilton, 21k east of Macarthur, 13k west on Penshurst.

Information: Come and inspect our powerful 2017 line-up of bulls. Sons of Number 1 Angus bull in Australia, Pathfinder Genesis, and the first group of Juggernaut sons to be sold in Australia. Also proven sires A241, Docklands, Gatsby, Goldmark, General and Facilitator are all represented. Our mainly grassfed semen tested bulls from a 1600 strong cow herd of proven genetics eliminates most of the common problems. Pathfinder sells in excess of 450 bulls annually. If you are looking for extra growth, muscle and doing ability while retaining calving ease, come for an inspection. PENSHURST on property Vic - Field Day Jan 31, sale Feb 22 (120 bulls). NARACOORTE on-property SA - Field Day Feb 7, sale Feb 16 (120 bulls/130 PTIC cows).

574 Stoney Point Angus

Perry Gunner 08 8267 6802 / 0418 758 683

Location: Digby Road (cnr Williams Rd) in 80 km/hr zone on leaving Hamilton on road to Digby - Dartmoor

Information: Founded in 1998, Stoney Point Performance Angus has a focus on ‘meating the market’ through its unsurpassed involvement in the beef supply chain. Our bulls are well muscled and finish under all conditions. In our cow herd we place great importance on fertility and longevity.

575 Taronga Poll Hereford

Bill Lambert 03 5575 4224 / 0466 015 178

Location: 180 Sheepwash Rd, Paschendale, 12k south of Coleraine on Merino Rd, right into Paschendale Rd, 3k to Sheepwash Rd on left, 2k to yards.

Information: Elders Casterton weaner sales show our breeding is working. In January 2016 our 9 mth old steers were heaviest at 376 kgs and topped the sale at $1229/head for 31. Our second pen of 40 was champion pen, weighed 338 kgs at $3.31/kg. We sold 158 steers av $1068. Our heifers were equal heaviest. These calves are by our own bulls which are offered for sale privately on January 31 at Beef Week. We then use what’s left, you get first choice. Sires, heifers, cows and yearling bulls on hand for inspection. We recently purchased in partnership with Tycolah, Mountain View Lieutenant, top priced bull at Mountain Valley. Please drop in and say g’day.

582 Weeran Angus

Alec & Jo Moore 03 55 787258 / 0438 787258

Location: Weerangourt, 5395 Hamilton Port Fairy Road, Byaduk
27 kms south of Hamilton between Byaduk and Macarthur

Information: Weeran's drive to improve and advance our product is gathering momentum. Our quest for moderate framed carcase cattle with exemplary temperament is well known. The first two year old offering of embryo transplant calves will be sold in this sale on 28th February, 2017 at 1pm. The line up includes a number of new sires which we are confident will be well received by the market. On a recent trip to the USA, Assistant Manager Tim Wright and cattle consultant Dick Whale, confirmed the suitability of these new exciting genetics. Sire lines include Werner Westward, Sydgen Black Pearl, TeMania-NZ 11 465, Musgrave Big Sky, Wattletop Jasper J3, TeMania Epistle E852 & Weeran Joel VHWJ13. We look forward to welcoming you!

590 Wilkah Hereford/Poll Hereford

Andrew & Angela Lyons 03 55756251 / 0487756251 / 0427756251

Location: 885 Melville Forest - Vasey Rd,Vasey. 24k south of Balmoral on Cavendish-Hamilton Rd turn into Melville Forest-Vasey Rd. We are 8k on left.