Day Three - Sunday, January 29

301 Andtravern (Hereford/Poll Hereford)
302 Anvil (Angus)
306 Adameluca (ANGUS)
308 Beckenham (Limousin)
309 Barragunda (Angus)
315 Caskieben (Shorthorn)
329 Elite (Blonde d’Aquitaine)
333 Gairnshiel (Shorthorn)
335 Glendan Park (Hereford/Poll Hereford)
340 Glen Goulburn (Poll Hereford)
345 Glengyron (Shorthorn)
350 Glenview Del (Simmental)
354 Hanging Rock (Speckle Park)
357 Heatherington Park (Poll Hereford)
360 High Spa (Angus)
367 Maine Park (Maine-Anjou)
371 Marschay (Shorthorn)
378 Paringa (Angus/Charolais/Stabilizer)
379 Rahnik (Blonde d'Aquitaine)
381 Riga (Angus)
382 River Recede (Hereford/Poll Hereford)
384 Shrublands Estate (Angus/British White)
390 Torr Down (South Devon)
393 Waterford (Charolais)
397 Western Gold (Limousin)

301 Andtravern Hereford/Poll Hereford

Jeff Smith 0408 586 558

Location: 169 Red Gap Road, 6.5k north of Lancefield PO. 2k north of Lancefield on Tooborac Rd right into Pylong Rd, right into Red Gap Rd to second property on left.

Information: Established in 1997, our time is to breed cattle with goof conformation and performance, functional cattle that meet to-day’s market demands and climate. In 2014 a small number of Poll Hereford females were introduced. On display will be our stud sire Yarrandabbie Jack Henry and a broad selection of females and calves (calves by Days Brigadier and Y. Jack Henry). All Breedplan recorded and Beef Only accredited.

302 Anvil Angus

Steve Handbury 0427 262 823
E: steve@anvilangus/  

Location: 292 Connellys Rd, Acheron Vic

Information: On display will be a selection of the bulls that will make up our sale line up for our two autumn sales, VIC and NSW. Also on display will be the females being offered for sale this autumn in VIC and a selection of our donor cows. Come and see us anytime during the day for an Angus Pure steak roll.

306 Adameluca ANGUS

Sam Trovatello (03) 5422 1186 / 0419 191 192

Location: 1668 Trentham Rd Kyneton South. From Kyneton township head south towards Trentham over Railway crossing (Kyneton Station) and continue 2.5 kms. Property entrance on right 500m past Spring Hill-Kyneton Road.

Information: Established by Sam Trovatello & family with foundation females from Granite Ridge and Sandy Acres (SA), Te Mania and Adalia (Vic) as well as embryos from Schaff Angus Valley (USA). In 2013, Irelands Galaxy G43 was purchased for a then Australian record of $117,500 as our main stud sire.
Our aim is to breed cattle with good structure, carcase & do ability whilst maintaining balanced EBV’s. We place significant importance on feet, udders and temperament.
On display will be our 2017 Sale Bulls by industry leading sires: Milwillah Elsom H283, SAV Angus Valley, Jindera Double Vision, GPS Haas and Irelands Galaxy G43. Also a selection of females will be displayed. Our Bull Sale is in conjunction with Glendan Park Herefords on Friday 24th February 2017. Hope to see you on the day.

308 Beckenham Limousin

Bruce or Sue Griffiths 03 5423 2459 / 0417 340 649

Location: 237 Boundary Rd, Greenhill via Kyneton. VicRoads map 59 H4. Turn off Calder Fwy at Malmsbury exit and follow signs.

309 Barragunda Angus

Adrian Oliver 0427 506 748

Location: 19kms north east of Mansfield via Whitfield, Barwite and Old Tolmie Roads, turn right into Long Lane. Signs erected from the Whitfield Road.

Information: Barragunda Angus Stud was established in 1998 to bred to bulls for use in Barragunda Station's commercial herd. Progeny have top the Yea Cattle Market. The bulls are bred for production and performance in a commercial environment. Barragunda has a Registered herd of cow purchased over the years from Te Mania, Rennylea, Green Valley, Ythanbrae and Pert Angus. AI Semen and back up bulls have included purchases from Te Mania, Rennylea, Lawsons and Anvil Angus. There will be bulls on display and available for sale for our existing and potential clients

315 Caskieben Shorthorn

Geoff Williamson 03 5464 2327 / 0408 506 567

Location: 'Caskieben’ 120 Plumpton Lane, Carisbrook. 5 minutes NE of Carisbrook on the Maldon Road.

Information: The family has been breeding Shorthorns since the 1800s. Polled bulls have been used since the 1970s. Some US blood was used in the 1990s which improved carcase quality , AI used extensively with some outcross sons kept. Recently BP ThunderC23(P), a top son of Theodore, has been used successfully and has been followed by Yamburgen Zeus H140(P) and Futurity Honey Badger H135(P) for the 2017 calving. Most of the herd will be on display including sale bulls. We look forward to seeing you on the day.

329 Elite Blonde d’Aquitaine

Shirley Phillips 0409 357 136

Location: 2900 Melba Hwy, Castella, 3k north of Kinglake-Healesville Rd intersection. 10k south of Glenburn.

Information: The Blonde breed is a very reliable line of cattle with temperament. structure and muscle important attributes fully displayed, Our homozygous stud bull introduced new genetics and his calves are looking great. We are importing semen from a new homozygous bull which will further diversify the hybrid vigour of the herd. Three super young bulls from the 2015 drops well as commercial bulls and heifers available. ur original plan when starting with Blondes was to concentrate on polled stock and the bulls we now have are delivering. Please call at the farm. All welcome Sunday January 29.

333 Gairnshiel Shorthorn

Leigh Williamson 0419 585 603

Location: 974 Baringhup-Havelock Rd, 10k north of Carisbrook on Bendigo Rd. 60k SW of Bendigo on Carisbrook Rd, 22k west of Maldon.

Information: Gairnshiel Shorthorn stud est 1962 by Noel Williamson with purchase of poll bull Milly Milly Leopold (P) to use over females from the Beef Shorthorn stud founded in 1891 by Noel’s father and Leigh’s grand-father John. Stud principal Leigh Williamson has used AI extensively to get the best genetics available. Gairnshiel will have quality performance recorded fertility guaranteed working age bulls available for sale on our Beef Week day plus some selected cows and calves and joined females also for sale. Reds, whites and roans on display. Leigh and Jan look forward to enjoying your company on our Beef Week day.

335 Glendan Park Hereford/Poll Hereford

Alvio Trovatello (03) 5423 4240 / 0419 191 193

Location: 2090 Kyneton-Heathcote Road, Barfold via Kyneton, Vic, 3444. 22km North of Kyneton (RHS), 6km South of Redesdale (LHS).

Information: Glendan Park Herefords was established in 1989, currently running 180 Hereford and Poll Hereford breeders. Our aim is to produce quality cattle with extra performance, muscling, and milking ability without sacrificing good structure and a functional cow herd. Preview 35 rising 2 y.o. bulls for our FOURTH ANNUAL ON-PROPERTY BULL SALE on Friday 24th Feb 2017 (in conjunction with Adameluca Angus). Sale bulls by leading sires Warringa Google G23 (H), UPS Uptown (H), NJW Hometown 10Y (P), NJW Trust 100W (P), Yarrandabbie Herschel H016 (P), GP Hot Shot H102 (P) and Morganvale Furness F244 (P). Also on display is a broad selection of our female herd. We hope you can join us.

340 Glen Goulburn Poll Hereford

Lynn Vearing 03 9401 1105 / 0429 133 817

Location: 25 Vearings Rd, Epping. Melways 181 C6. From High Street Epping travel 3k west on Oherns Rd to Vearings Rd.

Information: Stud founded 1969. Currently run 70 stud cows and 50 commercial cows in conjunction with a Southdown sheep stud. Stud sires used include Glen Goulburn Sweden D23, GG Magnum J66 by Cootharabba Magnum, GG Waterhouse K90 by Allendale Waterhouse D1, Armada Justice J75, Warrick Court Knight, Allendale Washington and Doonbiddie Hustler. On display will be cows and calves, joined heifers and sale bulls. We look forward to meeting fellow breeders and will be pleased to show you our cattle.

345 Glengyron Shorthorn

Kenneth Tippett 0431 624566

Location: 1802 Daylesford - Ballarat Road Newlyn

Information: The Tippett Family wish to invite you to come along and see our cattle. There will be bulls for sale by Spry's Primrose Buddy J 17, also progeny by Royalla Quo Vadis J087 will be on display. GLENGYRON received many awards at the 2016 Royal Melbourne and Royal Geelong Show including Reserve Junior Champion Bull and Junior Champion Bull respectively. GLENGYRON was also awarded the prize for the Highest Point Scored by a Purebred Streer at the Royal Geelong Show for 2016.

350 Glenview Del Simmental

Gina Ryan 03 5797 8334

Location: 67 Joyces Rd, Glenburn, east off Melba Hwy, 28k north of Yarra Glen, 28k south of Yea.

Information: Glenview has supplied Simmental bulls to commercial producers for almost 40 years. Bulls displaying fertility, early maturity, growth, yield and temperament, traits essential for the production of desirable progeny, will be available for sale. Top quality heifers displaying the same traits will also be available. Gina and family welcome visitors to our Beef Week open day on Sunday January 29 and at other times.

354 Hanging Rock Speckle Park

John Ellis 03 54270542 / 0418 313 853

Location: 88 Jim Rd, NEWHAM. From Melbourne via Calder Highway,take the C324 exit and follow C324 to Newham. From Bendigo, take the Lancefield/Woodend exit (south of Carlsruhe) follow Anderson Road, turn left at Coach Road to Newham. From Kilmore follow C324 to NEWHAM. At NEWHAM follow signs to Hanging Rock Winery.

Information: Established in 2011. Most successful Speckle Park Exhibitor at the 2014 and 2015 Royal Melbourne Show. 2015 results include Supreme Exhibit, Grand Champion Bull & Reserve Champion Female, Reference sires Lacerta 68L, King George, Traffic Jam, A&W and Stands Alone have been used to produce a small, elite breeding herd. Animals on display will include 14 month old and 2 year old bulls and heifers - all halter trained for show, recent drop cows and calves. Many available for sale.

357 Heatherington Park Poll Hereford

Philip Gay 03 5345 6167 / 0412 565 292

Location: 3832 Creswick-Newstead Rd, between Allendale and Smeaton, 8.5k N of Creswick, 20k W of Daylesford.

Information: Est 1991 using foundation females from Studbrook, Wolbull, Margfred Park and Wiranya. Running 55 autumn calving stud breeders. Breedplan and MN1. Sires include Burando Monotone V04, marbling sire Markowen No Excuse A29 and selected AI sires. Excellent sons of stud sire Allendale Robin Hood D194 (purchased Dubbo) and Days Brigadier C101 are available for sale on the day along with a number of unjoined females. A son of D194 sold for $10,000 at Dubbo 2012. Maternal brothers of D194 include a Dubbo senior champion ($30,000), sire of dam of Days Calibre G74 (record price $90,000) and junior and grand champion at both 2013 Melbourne Feature and Adelaide Royals. Inspection welcome on the day or at any time.

360 High Spa Angus

Brian Mobbs (03)53482357 / 0427 482 357

Location: Cnr Lyman & Settlement Rds, 3k east of Daylesford. From Daylesford on Midland Hwy to Castlemaine-Trentham intersection, right into East St, 200m left in Railway Cres, 1k to High Spa on left.

Information: Visit us at High Spa if you are a breeder with high expectations of producing high performing cattle after the introduction of new bulls and/or females. Performance recorded, good natured and sound working age and yearling bulls from top sires will be available - details can be sourced on PTIC performance recorded, mixed age females carrying quality and proven carcase performance genetics will also be featured. Ease of inspection is a display priority and we provide detailed information on sale animals and opportunities to discuss the particular needs of your breeding program(s). High Spa Angus, “performing where it counts”.

367 Maine Park Maine-Anjou

Clint Worden and Bridgid Fry 0410760862 / 0427138594

Location: 408 Drummonds Lane, Knowsley. From Heathcote turn right on Northern Hwy towards Echuca 5k to Drummonds Lane on left, we are 4k down Drummonds Lane on right.

Information: Maine Park est. 1989. Years of breeding for sound structure, good feet, fertility and temperament. A display of excellent Maine-Anjou females and bulls, all grass fed, good doing cattle. We have horned and polled, red and white and also blacks on display and for sale. Come and see our newest additions they’re what we’ve all been waiting for! Pure black bull calves, Maine Park bred out of Maine Park cows. All cattle are within short walking distance of the car park.

371 Marschay Shorthorn

David Mckay 03 5334 5361 / 0407 086 268

Location: 1569 ballarat/Daylesford rd Dean 25 k N of Ballarat 8 k east of Creswick

Information: Running 350 cows, 70 registered, founded in 1975 Marschay is using the best genetics available. Sires in use include Royalla Masterpiece, producing high quality females. Royalla Peter ,his progeny is outstanding Futurity Juggernaut and new Sire Futurity Keg. Marschay exhibited two steers at Melbourne Royal. One was a member of the Shorthorn Borthwick Trophy winning team, the other was forth in his class. We also use AI on selected females.

378 Paringa Angus/Charolais/Stabilizer

Olivia Lawson 03 5797 3003

Location: 96 Creeds Road, Murrindindi, Vic. From Yea take Melba Hwy south 8k, turn left at Murrundindi Rd, follow 8k, turn right at V+Creeds Rd.

Information: Paringa Livestock is a genetic supplier of bulls for Australian beef producers. Use of world’s best practice and backed with science means Paringa can offer the competitive edge producers required to be profitable in all markets and environments. This family run business is centred on a passion for animal breeding using the latest technologies and proven genetics from around the globe. Breeders can have confidence Paringa progeny will perform. Backed by decades of knowledge and experience, and large scale progeny test programs Paringa Livestock genetics suit a range of markets. Bull Sales Spring & Autumn, and paddock sales year round.

379 Rahnik Blonde d'Aquitaine

Rudi Spiteri 0418 575 561

Location: NEW LOCATION. 165 Daisyburn, Hilldene, Seymour. Travel 4k towards Puckapunyal, left onto Seymour Pyalong Rd, travel 4k, right into Daisyburn Rd, 1.6k on left.

Information: Breeding Blondes for 22 years, Beef Only status. Commercial and stud quality bulls, cows and heifers including a Stud Starter Package available. Free delivery, 15% refund to repeat buyers, 10% agents rebate for new clients introduced. Top quality imported and local genetics. Thick, low set, big muscle, friendly, docile. So come along for a look - our stock will impress.

381 Riga Angus

Vera Finger 03 5775 2140 / 0429 939 105

Location: Nillahcootie Park', 5291 Midland Hwy,10k north of Mansfield.

Information: Est. 1972. Proud Winner 2013 RASV Heifer Challenge and in the Top 10 in 2014 and 2015. Our first yearling bull sale was in 2016 and our next sale day is Wednesday April 12 2017. Sires include Carabar Docklands, Sydgen Black Pearl, KCF Bennett Southside, Connealy Revenue, Silveiras Conversion and Ardrossan Honour. Access to the latest technologies enables us to present exceptionally well grown bulls with genomic enhanced EBVs providing the best available genetic description. Bulls are maturity, fertility and semen tested ready for joining. They are bred from a herd with proven maternal performance that undergoes continuous selection pressure for sustainable traits. Bulls. dams and heifers on display. We look forward to welcoming you on the day.

382 River Recede Hereford/Poll Hereford

Miri Maher / Ryan Spykers 0432 051991 / 0400 921426

Location: 8334 Goulburn Valley Highway, TRAWOOL Vic 3660. Black & White property name of 'Mt Pleasant' marks the entrance. 12k SE of Seymour, 2k west of the 'Trawool Valley Resort'.

Information: Breeding the River Recede herd is a passionate process, in swelling the parameters of contemporary carcass, pulling away with performance enhancing measures and meeting again in the mainstream, that be a moderate, balanced, commercially reliable animal relating ‘timeless quality’. Since 2013, Miri Maher and Ryan Spykers have together sourced top bloodlines from the studs of; Aaron, Ardno, Beau River, Cannawigra, Cluney, Days, Dunoon, Glendan Park, Kerlson Pines, Penborn, Pine Hill, South Boorook, Te Taumata, Tobruk and Yarram Park. On display will be a broad selection of our breeding base as well as horn and poll bulls available for sale. We would love to meet you and welcome visitors anytime.

384 Shrublands Estate Angus/British White

Caitlin Williams 0419 007489

Location: 426 Back Eildon Rd Thornton VIC 3712 4km East of Thornton, Next to Eildon Trout Farm

Information: Shrublands Estate welcomes you all to come and see our latest line of Angus and British White Bulls, which will be for sale on the day. We are very proud to be exhibiting a strong line of bulls to suit all breeding needs- whether for calving ease, growth, maternal traits or outcross genetics we will have the bull for you. Our females from both breeds will also be on show. Lunch and refreshments will be available all day- we look forward to seeing you all there!

390 Torr Down South Devon

John & Sue Harvey 03 5424 1001

Location: 29 Cranneys Lane, 1.5k east of Trentham PO via High St. West of Tylden via Pearsons Rd and Cranneys Lane.

Information: In September 2016 sold Torr Down Marvel 3 at 10 years to Red Wagyu breeders to infuse polling into their cattle. Breeding South Devons for 49 years. Now all polls with semen exported world-wide. Judged Best Tasting Beef in Australia. Torr Down bulls sired champion carcases at Adelaide Royal once and Melbourne Royal twice. Come and see the new carcase breed, with flavour. Bulls and females for sale.

393 Waterford Charolais

Deborah Halliday 0428 605060

Location: 216 Mt Macedon Rd, Macedon, 2k from Macedon/Mt Macedon exit on the Calder freeway Bendigo bound. Follow signs.

Information: Deborah and Sapphire Halliday own and operate Waterford Charolais est. 1997. On display will be stud sires including Moongool Just a Gigolo j281e , reserve junior champion Rockhampton beef expo 2015 from the NZ sire Silverstream Evolution, and HOMOZYGOUS POLL Palgrove Hermes and his polled progeny. We invite you to have a look at our bulls for sale at the Whittlesea (Yea) Southern Charolais Breeders Group Sale in March, Heifer Challenge heifers and selection of our herd.

397 Western Gold Limousin

Shane 0432 553 580

Location: 35 Alisons Rd, Drummond North. From Clader Fwy take Malmsbury exit and head towards Daylesford. From Daylesford head to Malmsbury approx 18k. Look for signs.

Information: The Western Gold Limousin stud was founded in 2011with the purchase of heifers from Bonian and Menadue studs with the aim to produce sound. functional, docile cattle for the stud and commercial industries. We have fast tracked the development of our herd by using and importing the latest genetics from Canada and the USA. On display will be our sale bulls and females as well as our Sydney 2017 Limousin Feature Show team. Our motto at Western Gold is “Breeding Tomorrow’s Cattle Today”.